Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations


New practices and approach that effectively integrate agility, resilience and innovation in the organizations to manage under uncertain conditions.

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16 hours with offline content, facilitation and live classes.


Official training from Cognitive Edge, facilitated by Ian Macdonald, from Cognitive Edge.

In a world increasingly more volatile and uncertain like today, there's a need for more effective ways to understand situations and manage in new contexts and in rapid change. Our prior practices and approaches are failing and what worked reliably for years in a more stable times are, unfortunately, showing off inadequate for the current dynamic. This training present new practices and approaches that effectively integrate agility, resilience and innovation into the organizations to manage under uncertain conditions.

The Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations training session will provide to the attendees the opportunity to learn about the Cynefin™ framework, and how to put Cognitive Edge's fundamental methods in practice into the organizations.

Through this training, you will develop practice experience when thinking about how to apply Cynefin™'s sensemaking and decision-making in contexts like:

  1. organizational change and transforming;
  2. business agility;
  3. foster condition for innovation, organizational resiliency and leadership efficiency;
  4. finding more adequate practices and methods for each found context;

Immersive trainings offer and enhanced iterative and integrated learning environment, where a group of attendees with various origins board into a learning journey about how to apply Cynefin™ and related methods in a variety of applications.

Intended audience:

Organizational leaders; entrepreneurs; organizational change program sponsors; consultants; project, product or field managers; agile coaches; data scientists; and innovation product engineers are some of the profiles usually seen in our classes.

Actually, this training is intended to anyone who works in constant evolution dynamic situations, dealing continuously with the uncertainty and the risk, and looking for an enhanced compass to build resilient and innovative organizations. If you work in an organization with unmanageable problems or are a consultant looking for complexity principles to include in your practice — or just curious about complexity — this Cynefin™ Practitioner Foundations is for you.

About the Program

This training was designed as a two days sessions — a combination of a deep immersion into the complexity work foundation and with the Cynefin structure. Everything will be proven through a lot of practical activities based on group discussion methods.

The session starts with a introduction to the complexity and natural and human science behind the naturalizing tradition os sense making. Discover and manage the evolutionary potencial of the present, augmenting the situational consciousness of the system types in which we sense and how to modulate inside complex systems.

The Cynefin™ framework has subtleties and nuances not easily accessible to the casual reader. Based on the principles describe in the article from Harvard Business Review, this two days session will help you to deepen the uses of the structure, followed by facilitated activities and tools used in various organizations like European Commission, multinational telecom companies and R&D departments to gather different teams in search for corporate objectives.

  • Two days facilitation with a Cognitive Edge authorized instructor
  • Post-training access to the online Cynefin™ Foundations training, from Cognitive Edge.
  • Brochure and slides used on the training in PDF format (after training conclusion)
  • Official and international certification from Cognitive Edge

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