Become a Learning 3.0 facilitator and be part of the learning revolution of people, teams, companies... and society.

PRICING €400.00


16 hours with live classes and offline content.

The attendance in the live classes is mandatory for your certification. Whenever possible, keep your camera on.


Did you know that truly agile companies learn in a different way of the learning practices we are used to use? In this masterclass, you'll signify the main challenges for professional learning faced by the companies who wishes to become more agile, resilient and creative, and from this signification, you will discover how to apply the Learning 3.0 principles, practices and flow to reach better results in your learning initiatives to form teams and leaders with the agile mentality the market needs.

In this masterclass we will discourse through the content of the renowned book “Learning 3.0 - How Creative Workers Learn” presenting cases and practical mechanism to apply all the concepts showed in the book in a coherent way with the organizational culture of your company.

It's a great opportunity for HR and corporate education professionals, and also for anyone who needs to facilitate the competence development of all professionals around you.

Session #1 Learning 1.0, 2.0, 3.0
Know all different forms, versions and dimensions that can be applied in the professional learning. Understand when and how to use each one of them and to vary the Learning 3.0 learning flow from the signification of the contexts and needs of competence development.
Session #2 How to decentralize the learning opportunities
Know different event types and organization techniques that could help you to move from prescriptive learning to the emergent learning whenever it becomes more adequate to the context. Understand when trainings and workshops cease to generate value, and more decentralized initiatives like learning shots and open spaces come to be more adequate.
Session #3: How to facilitate the emergent learning
Understand when to move from instructions to facilitation and know tools with potential to nurture a continuous knowledge sharing culture inside your organization, like the Learning Mosaic and Learning Canvas.
Session #4: How to organize a professional, executive and/or corporate education program starting with Learning 3.0.
Starting from Learning 3.0's concepts, practices, tools and cases, studied over the masterclass, you will be challenged to develop a program for professional education of your own organization or of a shared example.

  • A copy of the “Learning 3.0 — How Creative Workers Learn” in english
  • Learning 3.0 Facilitator certification, from Emergee
  • Professional profile page in the Learning 3.0's site (learning30.co)
  • Access to exclusive content published on our online platform
  • Access to our exclusive channel to share practices and clarifying questions during and after the training

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